by Cancer

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released October 25, 2016

All music and lyrics by Cancer (Australia)
Mixed and mastered by Nish Raghavan
Artwork by Paul Sutherland (Nattljud)
Cancer logo by Drew James Griffiths



all rights reserved


Cancer Australia

Depressive Black Metal from Australia

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Track Name: Distant Dreams
Tied to a world
Gridlocked inside
Distant dreams
Tease my hollow mind

To cut through mundane life
Yet flounder in the deep
Of a barren canyon
Paved by bores thirsting reprieve

Squabbling in infectious fiends
Floating in induced subduction
Feeds an endless greed
Feeds my worthless being

At times I wonder
What naive sense lacking wonder
Instead I'm shrouded in distant dreams
There is no other
Track Name: Hypoglycaemia
Take a pew
The kettle is roaring and so are you
You sir, the man with the twisted face
You’re welcome to stay a while

The clocks are frozen over now
My eyes are more open
Then life before

The sweat it pours
Seeping through the cracks in the wooden floor
Into the hell below
Don’t even mention the war
My blood work declines

Time to go to sleep
Time to numb the carving
Track Name: Chicanery
Welcome my succubus
Come in warm my bones
Milk your fears condensed
To entropy I ingest

A pained floral disguise – come flay me alive
Rinse and repeat with those fetish hands
Built on broken bodies we marry emotions in lunacy
Dabble in black phlegm like Neanderthals…
And fuck every hole till it gapes

And in the negative space we once danced
In your spiralling insanity
We could never resist seduction
The art of chicanery

Flay me alive
Rinse and repeat
Fuck every hole till it gapes
Track Name: To Taste Your Contempt
Diving into deeper wounds
Building a new identity
Immersed in the prejudice
Growing and growing a feral child
This fucking utter bitter taste
My skin painted in porcelain

I drag myself against the bitumen once more
And through the reeking decay
To live in your wake
Your derelict anal shelter

To taste your contempt
And the melting of your face
Track Name: Anamnesis
Time rests in stillness
It weighs yet levitates
Laments in my sickness
It’s so scarce others negate

Bearing the black cells
Their lab rat coined body and soul
My valiant struggle towards death
Shadows baneful regrets I toll

And in my last minute breath I realise
Life, death, it’s no play to set stage
No news feed, rat race or lottery
Fearful barriers to downstage
(Too late) to learn the simple line
‘To suffer not suppress’
Pain signifies
Insipid being undressed

So pause in my passing
And grasp what I should have known
Feeble triumphs mean nothing
When we all die alone